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How Did 'Hacks' Star Hannah Einbinder's Get Her Comic Groove Back?

Emell Adolphus READ TIME: 2 MIN.

"Hacks" star Hannah Einbinder has very much established herself as the queer heart and soul of the hit HBO show "Hacks," but the comedian says it has been quite a journey for her to feel like she's on solid ground.

During a recording of The Hollywood Reporter's Awards Chatter podcast, Einbinder said that she had stopped taking her ADHD medication to reconnect with her funny bone.

"[This is] probably the number one worst group of people to be anti this thing, too," said Einbinder, "but I had a bad experience with Adderall."

According to her, the prescription drug made her not feel like herself.

"For many years, I felt like it kind of zombified me and took away my spark and stopped me from being present in my experience," she said.

And despite racking up multiple Emmy and Golden Globe nominations, she still feels a great deal of imposter syndrome.

"Maybe three months ago," she said. "Literally, it's so recent."

Einbinder graduated from Chapman University's film school in 2017. But she said the university's improv group, Improv Inc., is what helped her prepare for her "Hacks" role.

Now, ADHD meds free, Einbinder gets to mold her character Ava around her own personal queerness.

"Reading the pilot, I could not believe what I was reading," Einbinder said. "I think there have been some shows since 'Hacks' has come out that have been great queer representation, but I think at the time I was not... I can tell you I wasn't reading anything that felt so true to my experience of queerness."

Listen to the full interview with "Hacks" star Einbinder.

by Emell Adolphus

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