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Meet Handsome Out Social Media Star Sam Cushing

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Sam Cushing is not only one of the most gorgeous men on the internet, he's a well-rounded social media star who dabbles in a variety of different topics. Cushing frequently updates his Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube accounts, and he posts videos and pictures of everything under the sun: workout routines, meal preparation, thirst traps on the beach, mental health conversations, gay dating advice, and so much more.

We're here to give you just a small taste of all the diverse content you'll enjoy when you follow Sam Cushing on social media. You might even get to enjoy a video with his adorable and supportive mother!

The first thing most people are going to notice about Cushing is his incredible physique. Cushing is one of the most in-shape people on queer social media, and he has tried to help others adopt some of his techniques with guides, tutorials, and other advice for workout veterans and beginners alike. Here he encourages people to look at his 12-week muscle building guide. We're not sure if you'll look like Cushing, but who really can?!

Despite being the complete package, Cushing struggles just as much as the rest of us with finding love and meeting new dating prospects in the gay community. Finding the right app, becoming comfortable with new people, and overcoming insecurities that can come out during first dates are always stressful triggers that make gay dating a difficult experience for all people in the LGBTQ+ community.

Like so many other high-profile influencers, Cushing is courageous and willing to talk about his battles with mental health problems and anxiety. His particular manifestation of anxiety that he feels insecure about is a nervous tic that many viewers point out to him incessantly. Cushing talks about how he's tried to overcome these struggles, hopefully showing that anybody can have issues with their self-image no matter how conventionally attractive or perfect their life may seem on the outside or on the internet.

@sam.cushing The pink bathing suit is too much, right? @OkCupid #OkCupid #OkCupidPartner ♬ original sound - Sam Cushing

Cushing continues his quest to find love in this video where he gets ready for a hot date he found on the app OKCupid. He thoroughly goes over his outfit and asks fans in the comments section to address any concerns and give their feedback on his clothing. We think he looks good in anything, so hopefully his date went well!

Eating healthy meals is just as important as working out when it comes to developing your ideal body type. Cushing gives a full recipe for Tilapia here that includes nutritious leeks, celery, garlic, and broccoli. The instructional video was in conjunction with the folks at Eat Clean Chicago.

Cushing is not only fashionable, but he's also into interior decorating. He shows off how he's decided to design his new guest room for when he has company over, and we certainly think it looks cozy and ready for friends or loved ones to enjoy. Cushing asked people in the comments section what they wanted in the room, and some commenters said teal would be a nice and lively color for the room.

The reality of being LGBTQ+ is that it's not always easy to become a parent. This means that queer folks take great pride in their siblings' children or other babies in their lives, and Cushing got to be on guncle (gay uncle) duty in this adorable post with his baby nephew. It looks like little Will is thrilled to be around Cushing, a sign that the influencer would be a great father someday!

@sam.cushing My top 5 spanish speaking countries / 5 de mis piases hispanohablantes favoritos #español #estadounidense #viajando #latinoamerica #greenscreen ♬ original sound - Sam Cushing

Another fascinating and culturally relevant fact about Cushing is that he has an extensive knowledge of Latin America and he can speak Spanish. Here he talks about the five best trips he's ever taken to Spanish-speaking countries, and we definitely have some envy for the fun and adventure he's experienced in his life so far.

@sam.cushing Better with beard or clean shaven?
♬ Until I Found You (Sped Up) - Heaven When I Held You Again How Could We Ever Just Be Friends - Hiko

Cushing looks good in facial hair or clean shaven, and grooming his beard is an important part of his daily routine. He gives a little sneak peek at his time in the morning trimming up his face, and he also gives some advice on the best equipment to buy for shaving in the comments section below the video.

A gay son's relationship with his mother is so instrumental in how life as a queer man is going to go for so many of us. Cushing shows his deep bond with his sweet mom in this video, and we immediately can tell why Cushing is such a worldly and kind man. She clearly raised him with love and affection and it's turned him into a wonderful adult who feels supported and prideful in his sexuality.

Cushing shows yet another activity he enjoys doing, getting out on the jet skis over the waters of Lake Michigan. Cushing looks good in his water safety garments and pink shorts.

What can't Sam Cushing do? Here he shows off some of his talents on the piano, a musical interest he's had for a long time. There are plenty of other piano videos on his social media if you want to see more of his skills.

by Shawn Laib

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