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2023 Rewind: That Time Zaddy Daniel Craig Bared it All


This piece is part of EDGE's 2023 Rewind series. We're reaching into our archives and sharing some of our favorite stories from the past year.

The web has been abuzz about gay zaddy detective Benoit Blanc in "Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery," currently Netflix's most-watched film since its debut on December 23. In the film, Daniel Craig plays Blanc with a Big Easy drawl and some colorful fashion choices. Blanc is confirmed to be in a same-sex relationship with a brief cameo from Hugh Grant, who plays his domestic partner in the film. In the scene, Grant is seen knocking on the bathroom door while Craig is sitting in a bathtub.

Perhaps if he were in the shower, the scene would show more of Craig; but that would be a sequence from a different movie. Fortunately for Craig fans, he already provided such moments in two films: 1998's "Love Is The Devil" and "Some Voices," which have been captured by the peen detectives at The Sword.

Daniel Craig in "Love Is The Devil"

Perhaps the "Glass Onion" bathtub scene is a PG-13 reference to "Love Is The Devil," in which Craig played George Dyer, the lover of British artist Francis Bacon in this fictionalized biopic made for the BBC in 1998. In the shot Craig is seen from above with his ample peen in full view.

See the full image at The Sword and the full scene at Mr. Man.

Daniel Craig in "Some Voices"

Two years later Craig was naked again, this time in broad daylight, in "Some Voices," a family drama about a man with schizophrenia (Craig) being cared for by his devoted brother. Things are fine until the man goes off his meds, leading to scenes in which he is seen butt-naked on the street.

"But we didn't forget you ass men out there. For a look at Daniel Craig's equally muscular, plump, juicy, and fat ass cheeks, check out 'The Mother' and 'Flashbacks of a Fool'," adds The Sword.

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