The Products that Fascinating Rhythm's Jared Troilo Can't Perform Without

by Christopher Ehlers

EDGE Media Network Contributor

Saturday January 14, 2023
Originally published on January 13, 2023

Jared Troilo
Jared Troilo  

Jared Troilo has long been one of Boston's great musical talents. From "Cabaret" and "Camelot" to "The Last Five Years" and "A Gentleman's Guide to Love and Murder," his mix of smooth as butter vocals with good, old-fashioned charm always makes him a thrill to watch.

This weekend, he reunites with Kirsten Salpini at Greater Boston Stage Company for "Fascinating Rhythm," a two-piano cabaret featuring the songs of Gershwin and Bernstein. And as anyone who saw Troilo and Salpini in "Murder for Two" at The Lyric Stage will tell you, these two have a chemistry on stage that is a rare thing indeed.

Here are the products that Jared Troilo can't perform without:

MyPurMist Handless Steam Inhaler

"This thing gets me through those vocally demanding shows. Steam lubricates and hydrates the vocal cords and reduces swelling. It's cordless so I can use it in the car (which results in some strange looks from other drivers). I typically use it for 10 mins before and after each performance. This is especially helpful in the dry winter weather. This steamer comes with pre-packaged distilled water." $120+, MyPurMist.

Jaxon Lane Bro Mask

"The #1 selling masks for men. Stage makeup mixed with sweat can obviously do a number on your skin. I started using these masks from Jaxon Lane to cleanse, exfoliate and hydrate my face. I have sensitive skin so usually my face does not react well to masks. But the Jaxon Lane products are mild enough so as not to further irritate my face. A couple of masks a week seem to do the trick for me. If I have to be on camera, I always use a hydrating mask the morning of." $28, Jaxon Lane.

Yogi Throat Comfort Tea

"I'm a big fan of Yogi Tea and this one is my favorite. It contains Licorice Root with Slippery Elm Bark; both used in Western herbalism to help relieve minor throat irritation. Plus, it tastes good! It's helpful in keeping those mild throat tickles at bay. I always have a cup to sip throughout a performance. I mix with a little raw honey and a dash of apple cider vinegar." $25 for six, Amazon.

Waterpik Water Flossing Toothbrush

"Having clean teeth is essential (especially if I'm on camera or working in a small theater). It's a way of flossing without actually having to floss. The last thing I want is for my scene partner to be staring at remnants of my lunch stuck in my teeth. This takes care of that. $180, Waterpik.

Lululemon Yoga Mat

"Theater is athletic, and as I've gotten older, I have found it essential to warm up my body properly. I typically do 20-30 mins of a yoga flow/stretch in my dressing room before a performance, so I always have a yoga mat on hand in my dressing room. This mat has a rubber base with a little extra cushion. $98, Lululemon.

Power Block Adjustable Weights

"It's a little weird, I know, but I do keep a pair of adjustable weights in my dressing room. I've been required in a few productions to show a little skin, which can be terrifying! So I like to have some workout equipment on hand so I can squeeze in a quick workout. These adjustable weights go up to 50 lbs. each. I prefer weights over bands as weights seem to produce faster results.$200, Dicks.

NeilMed Nasal Neti Pot

"I have an allergy to dust and theaters, for the most part, are incredibly dusty. So, I do a sinus rinse on those especially phlegmy days. I know, it's kind of gross. But desperate times call for desperate measures. This thing works great. Just be sure to only used distilled or sterile water, as tap water, or even filtered water, can cause an infection. The NeilMed comes with 50 packets of solution and is the only NetiPot I've found that is dishwasher safe." $14.99, NeilMed.

"Fascinating Rhythm" runs through January 15 at Greater Boston Stage, 395 Main St., Stoneham. Tickets available here.