The Products that 'Preludes'' Anthony Pires, Jr. Can't Perform Without

by Christopher Ehlers

EDGE Media Network Contributor

Saturday January 14, 2023
Originally published on January 11, 2023

Anthony Pires, Jr.
Anthony Pires, Jr.  

Currently appearing in The Lyric Stage Company of Boston's production of Dave Malloy's musical "Preludes," Anthony Pires, Jr. is one of Boston's greatest musical talents. From his Elliot Norton Award-winning performance in last season's "Passing Strange" to his recent dazzling turn in "Ain't Misbehavin'", things seem to be getting better and better for the triple threat. In "Preludes," a musical fantasia about Rachmaninoff's struggle to rediscover his genius, Pires plays Feodor Chaliapin, a dear friend and colleague to the frustrated composer.

Here are the things that get him through a full week of performances:

Gemini Podcast

"I love to start my day off with listening to my horoscope. Who doesn't, right? I'm a Gemini and I'm a social butterfly. I like to be in the know if I can. So every morning I listen to the Gemini Podcast on Spotify to get a sense on how I should approach my day. #loveandlight" Spotify.

Hann Facial Steamer Professional Sinus Steamer

"Thank you to my friend Lovely Hoffman, I was introduced to a facial steamer to help clear the mucus and to just pamper myself to a personal facial sauna. This helps me tremendously during shows, especially in the winter." $25, Amazon.

Beyoncé's 'Renaissance'

"To help me get in the mood or in the zone for a show, I love to start off with listening to instrumental jazz to get the mind, body, and soul centered. Then once the show day is over, I end it with the Queen Bee, Beyonce. "Energy" is currently my favorite song." Streaming on Apple Music, Spotify, Amazon, or Tidal.

A Fresh Cut & Creme of Nature's Argan Oil Treatment

"Every two weeks I try to treat myself to a haircut and lineup — gotta make sure the smile matches the looks;) But I like to have a grooming routine to keep me relaxed, and it gives me a reason to channel my Inner Tyra Banks." $12, Amazon.

Twizzlers & Gummy Bears

"I'm still a kid at heart. Something that keeps me going and gets me through a full week of shows is a large pack of Twizzlers or Gummy Bears. Any time I have a break in between scenes, you will be sure to see me in my station eating."

My Vocal Mist

"At times, when I feel that my voice is getting a little tired or hoarse, I use my vocal mist nebulizer to sooth the voice and to make sure I protect the gift." My Vocal Mist.


"Before and after a show, I try to wash my face using CeraVe to make sure the skin is fresh and clean. After makeup use, I use CeraVe makeup wipes for sensitive skin. To keep my skin smooth and hydrated, I use Cocoa Butter Vaseline."

The cast of 'Preludes'
The cast of 'Preludes'  (Source: Photo by Mark S. Howard)

Shenanigans with the Cast

"The most important thing for me in a show outside of making sure I know my lines and lyrics is sustaining the connections with my fellow cast members. After a few weeks of rehearsal and shows, you start finding new things about the show and start making inside jokes. I enjoy and laugh every day with this talented cast of 'Preludes.'"

Runs through February 5 at The Lyric Stage Company of Boston, 140 Clarendon Street. Tickets available here.