The Best Female Mullet Haircuts

Wednesday December 21, 2022

The Best Female Mullet Haircuts

Female mullet is increasingly becoming popular over the years. Discover the best mullets to try out as a woman here.

Trending Female Mullet Haircuts

The female mullet has always had a bad reputation over the years, but with modernization, that is becoming a non-issue. Every woman in the current society should make an effort to try this versatile and incredible hairstyle. The unique feature of a mullet is the short hair on the top and the longer hair at the back.

You can experiment with the mullet with different hair lengths until you get a signature mullet to look that best fits your face shape and personality too. You can have the mullet done by a professional or you can do it by yourself. Here is a list of some trending female mullet haircuts to try out in 2022.

1. Curly Mullet

The mullet is commonly known for short hair on the top and on the sides and longer hair at the back. The female mullet can be worn with all kinds of hair textures.

On curly hair, the cut appears softer, and the hair does not look very layered and choppy a feature which makes the difference in hair length appear gradual.

2. The Mullet Fades

The advantage of a mullet haircut is that it can be designed to fit your creativity requirements and preferences. This means that you can be more creative with the mullet haircut to come up with the results you desire.

The mullet haircut blends in perfectly with the perfect fade. The mullet fade involves adding a fade to the hair on the sides, which adds structure to the hairstyle and makes it more contrasting.

You can go for different kinds of fades depending on the final results you are looking forward to attaining. The fade may either be low, medium, or high, where they are differentiated by the length of hair left on the scalp.

The fade on a female mullet makes the hairstyle edgier and gives a vibe that you are very confident with the hairstyle.

3. Permed Mullet

This is the best hairdo if you are looking forward to altering the structure of your hair to come up with curls and waves.

The perm mullet is great for achieving fullness and volume on the left hair. The modern approach to creating the permed mullet does not damage your hair and has additional features to help make your curls bouncy and embrace movement without altering the general appearance.

A permed mullet is a perfect hairstyle to create an illusion of voluminous and bouncy hair. The hairstyle is also perfect for drawing attention to your facial features.

4. A Short Mullet

Some women just prefer having their hair short, no matter the hairstyle. A mullet can also allow you to embrace the short air because it is only a matter of the length you want to be left for your mullet.

The idea that women should have long hair is a gender stereotype that is outdated and no longer a matter of discussion. A short mullet is low maintenance, just like other kinds of short hairstyles for women.

Despite it being named a short mullet, the unique feature of short hair at the top and sides with long hair at the back must be featured. Without this feature, the hairstyle cannot be called a mullet.

5. The Asian Mullet

Asian hair is popular for its thick and straight features. The hair looks healthy, full, and beautiful and can be styled in any design you like.

The Asian mullet features a very defined cut due to the straight nature of the hair. the Asian mullet can be done by people from all races, but it is better if the hair is straight.

6. The Mohawk Mullet

This hairstyle is a blend of a Mohawk and a mullet. It is a good mullet option if you want to get a lot of attention to your hair.

The unique feature of Mohawk mullet is that there is a strip of hair all the way from the front to the back with faded sides.

When coming up with this hairstyle, you should remember to feature short hair at the top and longer hair at the back for it to qualify to be a mullet.

The faded sides on this female mullet create an outstanding contract that defines the mohawk making it qualify to be a blend of mohawk and mullet.