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Gift a Luxurious Shave this Holiday with Van Der Hagen

by Christopher Ehlers

EDGE Media Network Contributor

Wednesday December 7, 2022

Gift a Luxurious Shave this Holiday with Van Der Hagen

If the men in your lives are anything like the men in ours, they don't invest nearly enough in their own grooming experience as they ought to, which is what makes luxury shaving products a great gift.

Van Der Hagen has been the epitome of shaving luxury for generations, ever since the namesake family began making soaps in the small village of Lith, Holland. They perfected their processes over the years, and to this day, Van Der Hagen is renowned for their expertise in delivering premium products at an affordable price.

The holidays are a great time to introduce the man in your life to this time-honored brand with a gift of the Van Der Hagen safety razor experience, which is proven to leave skin smooth without the irritation. A durable razor with stainless steel blades, they're also an eco-friendly option without plastic cartridges or single-use razors. And some of the brand's gorgeous sets instantly elevate the look of any man's bathroom counter.

Just for the holidays, Van Der Hagen is offering 25% off of Premium Razors and Platinum Shave Sets in addition to a free shave butter! Here are some of our favorite items.

Adjustable Safety Razor ($26.99)

This innovative twist design gives you complete control across six settings of blade exposure, allowing for a shave that's suited to the skin's unique sensitivity level and hair type. Whereas level one is a mild shave ideal for fine hair and sensitive skin, level six is a more aggressive shave for tough, coarse hair. We also love that this includes five German-made, stainless-steel blades.

Shave Butter ($5.99)

Van Der Hagen's moisturizing Shave Butter is packed with powerhouse soothers shea, mango, and cocoa butter which create a slick layer of protection without leaving behind a mess of foam or residue like traditional shaving creams. In addition, the soap-free formula locks in moisture and can be rubbed into the skin after shaving, leaving skin soft, smooth, and moisturized all day long.

Unscented Luxury Shave Soap ($4.99)

Given Van Der Hagen's history of soap making, it goes without saying that their time-tested shave soap is a must-try. This luxurious shave soap creates a thick, rich lather that goes on smooth and allows for a close, clean shave. Dye-free and hypoallergenic, it's also ideal for acne-prone or sensitive skin.

Van Der Hagen Choose Your Shave Gift Set ($9.99)

Including full sizes of Whipped Shave Crème, Precision Shave Gel, and Shave Butter, this is the ultimate set for any man ready to take shaving to the next level. Throw in the gorgeous Russet Arch for a complete shave gift.

Three-Piece Safety Razor ($41-$110)

Handcrafted with a variety of handles to choose from, this traditional three-piece safety razor comes in a specially designed sliding box and includes five double edge blades. The blades are ice tempered stainless sleep and include a proprietary coating that minimizes nicks and cuts, promising the best shave of your life.

Luxury Boar Shaving Set ($29.99)

Bring a barbershop shave experience home with this handsome brush set made with authentic boar bristles. The set also includes a Lucite brush stand, an exclusive apothecary mug, and the brand's iconic luxury shave soap. Shaving should be more than just a chore, and with this luxury set, it becomes a self-care ritual that will start the day off right.

Self-Heating Shave Cream ($7.99)

Bringing the hot-towel barber shop experience home, this self-heating shave cream activates upon contact with water to deliver a quick burst of warmth to soften stubble and reduce razor burn. In addition, it relaxes pores and preps the skin for a smooth, comfortable, close shave.

Russet Arch ($74.99)

There isn't any man whose bathroom counter wouldn't look better with this classic shave stand on it. What's more, the striking stand comes with a razor, silvertip badger brush, stainless steel shave bowl, and German-made, ice-tempered stainless-steel blades.