The Best Tours of 2022

by Christopher Ehlers

EDGE Media Network Contributor

Tuesday December 6, 2022

The Best Tours of 2022
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One of the greatest things about 2022 is that live concerts were back in full force, and I don't think I'll ever again take for granted the thrill of live performance. From megastars to up-and-comers, the touring landscape was an embarrassment of riches this year. Here were the 10 best shows:

10. Rosalia: Motomami World Tour


With "Motomami," Spanish wavemaker Rosalia crafted one of the most refreshing, innovative, and listenable albums of the year. And while her performance on tour was incredibly astounding, the only reason she didn't place higher on this list is that the overall production was a bit garish, clunky, and sometimes just plain ugly. But her raw talent is jaw-dropping, and I feel lucky to have seen her brilliance in the flesh.

9. Omar Apollo: Desvelado Tour


Omar Apollo didn't manage just one tour this year, but two. He's one of music's brightest new stars, he released one of the best albums of the year, and he was rewarded last month with a Grammy nomination for Best New Artist. Combining pop with traditional Mexican music—and one hell of a voice—Apollo is a sexy shapeshifter on stage, and that we never know where he—or his music—is going next is part of the thrill.

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8. Bad Bunny: World's Hottest Tour

Bad Bunny's second tour of the year, in support of his record-breaking "Un Verano Sin Ti," was exactly the summer party everyone hoped it would be. It was a start-to-finish blast, with the Puerto Rican superstar proving that no stadium is too big for him. The only reason this tour didn't place higher is that it was an absolute shit show, complete with fans storming the stage, concertgoers punching people to get out of their way, and security more interested in taking photos than controlling the crowd. The experience was lousy, but Benito, well...he's a living legend.

7. Karol G: $trip Love Tour


The Colombian megastar has had one hell of a year, and her $trip Love Tour sold out arenas across North America, Latin America, and Europe. Live, she proved to be much more than a pretty voice with a slew of hits. Endlessly sexy with an infectious personality, this is only the beginning of Karol G's worldwide domination.

6. Billie Eilish: Happier Than Ever, The World Tour


I was an emphatic non-fan of Eilish before seeing her perform live, which speaks to just how brilliant she is up close and personal. I thought it would be hard to make Eilish's generally small, introspective, alt-pop songs fill an arena, particularly without a band or dancers to help fill the space. But lighting and video design—among the best I've ever seen—helped prove me wrong, as did her once-in-a-generation talent. The result was one of the most eye-opening, enjoyable nights of music I've ever had.

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5. Kendrick Lamar: The Big Steppers Tour

Looking like a concert, modern art installation, and runway show all rolled into one, Kendrick Lamar returned to music in a big way this year with another stunning opus, "Mr. Morale & The Big Steppers." America's poet laureate of hip-hop, Lamar is a top-to-bottom genius, and The Big Steppers Tour was a worthy display of his powers.

4. Dua Lipa: Future Nostalgia Tour


After 91 shows over almost 10 months, Dua Lipa has finally played her last Future Nostalgia show. Postponed several times due to the pandemic, this out-and-out, balls-to-the-wall dance party was well worth the wait. It wasn't only a great show because of how damn fun her music is, but rather because she proved herself to be a massively impressive performer. Rock solid vocals, yes, but even her dance moves. She's come a long way from the infamous hip dance, which of course she performed live, along with a big old wink.

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3. Bad Bunny: El Ultimo Tour del Mundo 2022

His first tour of the year, months before his record breaking "Un Verano Sin Ti" was released, remains one of the most visually stunning arena shows I've ever seen. Performed on an actual tractor trailer that moved, opened, closed, and shot fire into the air, Bad Bunny blew my mind and earned my undying affection, even when I frequently had no idea what he was singing about.

2. The Weeknd: After Hours Til Dawn Tour


Atmospheric, disturbing, dark, and incessantly loud, this was one trip I'd pay big bucks to make again. Looking like some kind of dystopian nightmare complete with cult-like backup dancers, The Weeknd proved that he's more than just a hitmaker, but rather a creative genius whose commitment to his own art is rivaled by maybe only one other artist right now. Which leads us to number one...

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1. Lady Gaga: The Chromatica Ball

I've seen Gaga six times, and she was the best she's ever been for The Chromatica Ball. Since she shot to stardom a decade ago, she has ripened as an artist and a performer in truly astounding ways. Never before has her artistry, talent, vision, and—yes—love for her fans ever been more palpable. The Chromatica Ball is easily one of the greatest live performances I've ever seen.