Ho Ho Ho: 10 Sexy Gifts for the Men on Your Naughty List

by Christopher Ehlers

EDGE Media Network Contributor

Monday December 5, 2022

Ho Ho Ho: 10 Sexy Gifts for the Men on Your Naughty List
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While our idea of the naughty list might be a bit different from Santa's, there's no denying that an awful lot of people belong on that list. We believe that the holidays are a time to indulge, and that absolutely extends to the bedroom. So whether you've got one guy on your naughty list or have a few in rotation, everyone deserves a little ho ho ho this holiday season.

Pure for Men Stay Ready Kit

Pure for Men has a ton of options that make everything about sex just a little bit better, but this limited time bundle includes everything you need to get started, including a bottle of fiber capsules, a body bar, body scrub, bum balm, wipes, and a travel bag. Between these products, your butt (or your bottom's butt) will never be better prepped. $87.99, Pure For Men.

Pure for Men 6 for $69 Set

If you're already a fan of Pure for Men's industry-best fiber pills, then this deal is way too good to pass up, which gets you 40% off the normally $20 a bottle supplements. What makes them different is that instead of just plain old psyllium husk, they also contain aloe vera extract, chia seeds, and flaxseed. And in addition to helping you get clean before sex, they can also help with hangovers, weight management, and heart health. That's what we call the gift that keeps on giving. $69, Pure For Men.

Odile Butt Plug Dilator

Rather than having to move your way up different toys, this revolutionary toy for anal beginners allows you to work up sizes just by turning the key. For those slightly more experienced, there's an Absolute model, which goes just a little bit wider. $105-$110, Odile.

Future Method Explorer Kit

In addition to a butt scrub and cream, this kit features the first-of-its kind rectal wash which takes douching to safer new heights. Developed by doctors, the formula gently cleanses without causing any harm, and the bulb is sized just right to prevent over-douching. $90, Future Method.

Tastyhole Flavored Body Scrub

Touted as the world's first flavored body scrub, take rimming to the next level with these divinely flavored and scented body scrubs. Gay owned and operated, the brand has such cheeky flavors as Glazed Donut Hole, GingerBred, Peach Ring, and Cherry Gobbler. $37, Leather Daddy Skin.

Clone-A-Willy In-Home Penis Molding Kit

Whether you're looking to see what your own dick feels like, you want to give your partner something to take with him while traveling without you, or you want to give your bottom some of you to take home, this DIY penis molding kit is sure to be a memorable gift. This kit allows you to make an exact, vibrating, silicone replica of any penis. $50, Clone-A-Willy.

Hush 2

The world's first app remote control vibrating butt plug, this sleek, comfortable butt plug comes in four sizes and can be controlled remotely using the app, which means you can play discreetly with yourself in public or play with your partner while you're apart. You can even set it to sync with music to provide a truly one-of-a-kind experience. $79-$99, Lovense.

Versace Jockstrap

Probably the most coveted jockstrap for a lot of gay men, this sexy, luxurious, expensive jock will make your bottom look — and perform — like a million bucks. What's more, the brand's iconic logo, Medusa, is said to have made people fall in love. $75, Versace.

Their Favorite Pornstar's Fleshjack or Dildo

What's more romantic than gifting that special someone a replica of their favorite pornstar's ass or cock? Nothing, some would say. With Sharok, Brent Corrigan, Diego Sans, Boomer Banks, Levi Karter, Pierre Fitch, Ricky Roman, Max Konnor, and many more to choose from, there's literally a cock — or an ass — for everyone. $70-$80, Fleshjack.