LGBTQ Sexuality: The 10 Stories That Rose to Our Attention in 2021

Sunday December 26, 2021

LGBTQ Sexuality: The 10 Stories That Rose to Our Attention in 2021
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The 10 biggest stories about LGBTQ sexuality show an increasing awareness around race and gender equality, and a broader emergence of sexual fluidity within the queer community.

Sex Apps for Gay Men Join Forces to Fight Online Insults

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Sexual health experts say the harshness of much online behavior can exacerbate low self-esteem and feelings of depression or anxiety.

New Study Shows Those Who Identify as Heterosexual Aren't as Straight as They Think

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Scientific research has shown that sexuality exists on a spectrum. But how certain are people about where they fit on it? A new study suggests that peoples' reported sexual orientation can change after reading about the nature of sexual orientation.

One Third of Gays and Lesbians Can't Detect a Fake Orgasm

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Truth be told, we're not as good as detecting fake orgasms as we think. A study released in summer 2021 revealed our attitudes and insecurities around sex.

Gay Magazines and the Evolution of Male Erotica

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Male erotica is making a comeback, though our definition of what's hot trades objectification for real-life sensuality. New titles stake out remarkably different ground from both Internet porn and the slick printed gay "adult magazines" found on newsstands from the 1970s through the first decade of our current digitized century.

Sexual Racism Isn't a 'Preference' — It's Systemic

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The idea that sexual desire might be understood as mere preference — like a favorite ice cream flavor — is reductive. "Just a preference" is a familiar and reflexive shield for what experts call racialized sexual discrimination.

The Unicorn is Real: Defying the Myth of Bisexuality

Margaret Cho
Margaret Cho  (Source: Albert Sanchez)

"I have dogs and cats, so maybe that sets me up for bisexuality very well," jokes Margaret Cho. Our attitudes about where the "B" fits in LGBTQ is a hot topic in the queer community and beyond.

Post Pandemic, Will Ailing Gay Bathhouses Make a Comeback?

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COVID-19 has upended life as we know it, and bathhouses facilitate two social needs that have been thrown into especially sharp relief: Sex and public health consciousness. Early in the pandemic we asked experts to weigh in on their future.

Noir Male Goes Behind the Camera to Cultivate BIPOC Adult Film Talent

Dillon Diaz
Dillon Diaz  (Source: Noir Male)

Noir Male is opening doors for BIPOC talent in the adult film industry. The brand's new training program is developing a new generation of directors, producers and writers to create content through a more inclusive lens.

Gay Photographer Takes You Inside The NYC Homes Of Grindr Profiles

Home of a Grindr user in Flatbush, Brooklyn.
Home of a Grindr user in Flatbush, Brooklyn.  (Source: Hsiang-Hsi Lu)

A New York City photographed the homes of 195 Grindr profiles to explore how geography contributes to the diversity of the gay community. You wouldn't believe what he discovered.

Pansexual Explained, and Why Identifying as Bi Isn't the Same Thing

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When it comes to defining who we are, determining what label matches our attractions can be tricky. If you are attracted to all genders and sexual orientations, you might be pansexual.