Watch: Gay Couple Have It Their Way When Burger King Turns Whoppers into Diamond Wedding Rings

Friday June 28, 2019

In support of Pride and its LGBTQ customers, Burger King brought a gay couple from one of Eastern Europe's repressive nations and set them up with diamond rings at a wedding in Germany. The diamonds were created from carbonized Burger King Whoppers. The creative merger of marriage equality and cuisine was dreamed up by German ad company Grabarz and Partner, reported Ad Age.

The wedding is featured in an ad in which the couple speaks about the oppression they face in their native country.

"Who gave the right to decide who do I love?" asks Alvar, as he and Dima clasp hands. "We can't do that" at home, he adds — "holding hands in public."

Text superimposed on footage of the couple enjoying Whoppers informs the viewer that, "In 179 countries same-sex marriage is not allowed."

"How else can you feel free, if you can't be your way?" Alvar asks in voiceover.

The ad shows how Burger King Whoppers were reduced to ash, then used to create artificial diamonds. The ad then shows footage of the men traveling to Germany, where marriage equality is legal, and celebrating their union. Among the snacks are tiny Whoppers.

"This will be a real marriage," marvels Alvar, as the men are outfitted with suits to wear to their nuptials. Emotions boil over joyously when Alvar jokingly reiterates the question: "Will you marry me?"

Underscoring the men's passionate commitment in the face of prejudice, Alvar declares, "I absolutely fucking do!" during the wedding ceremony. "I can always proudly say now, 'This is my man,' " he adds in voiceover.

"Our way is love."

The ad was featured at the Cannes Lions festival, Ad Age noted.

Watch the commercial below.

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