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Tikva Takes CBD to the Next Level

by Roger Porter

EDGE Media Network Contributor

Thursday June 9, 2022

Tikva Takes CBD to the Next Level

Lately, it feels like CBD has found its way into nearly every kind of convenience product known to man. Though easy to dismiss as capitalism run amok, a closer look shows CBD offers natural health benefits for common ailments. Oftentimes, the debut of an explosive new product category means plenty of fakes and phonies. And with little to no public knowledge about the medicinal qualities of CBD — a compound found in the marijuana plant without the psychedelic effects that THC offers — it's like the Wild West for consumers in the cannabinoid market. 

This is where Jerry Katz comes in as the founder of Tikva, a pharmaceutical-backed company taking CBD products to the next level. Tikva, meaning "hope" in Hebrew, gets its name and mission from the founder's ties to Israel and legacy of service. "Our investment into medicinal cannabis could be more than just honoring the memory of my father — it would make a positive impact on the lives of people living today," says Jerry Katz. 

Tikva is a company that manufactures pharmaceutical-grade medical cannabis products, marrying science and CBD research to provide the highest quality cannabis goods available — the only company in the world to do so. In fact, Tikva partnered with Panaxia Pharmaceutical Industries, an Israeli pharmaceutical company with ten years of clinical medical cannabis research, to deliver on the promise of quality raw materials and Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) that adhere to regulatory agencies. The process is backed by patents and proprietary trade knowledge. Patients, physicians, and caregivers are assured that standardization and consistency are in every single product. The Katz vision for science-backed, pharma-grade medical cannabis products has paid off, making Tikva a trailblazer in helping people find alternative ways of healing. 

It's not just pharmaceutical-level manufacturing that makes Tikva a world-class company. Their emphasis on bioavailability, an often-overlooked pharmacology concept, ensures CBD products that are the most effective for treating a wide range of symptoms and pain. What is bioavailability? The term refers to the efficacy of the active ingredients in the pharmaceutical product being absorbed into the bloodstream and going about its desired effect. The true measure of excellent bioavailability, and therefore the overall efficacy of the product, is how much of the CBD dose goes into the bloodstream to have a meaningful effect. 

"[That's] why our milligram dosing may seem lower in comparison to other brands," text notes on the Tikva website. "We do not need to super-size our products because they actually work!" The team of experts behind Tikva take this to heart, and ensure that during the manufacturing process, every product is rigorously tested for absorption, distribution, and metabolism. More isn't always better; the Tikva website notes that "Super-sizing is for hamburgers — not your medicine." 

Despite the company's success, the merging of medical cannabis with the pharmaceutical industry was fraught with major obstacles. "After everything I've done, bringing cannabis to pharmaceuticals has been the most challenging and painful," says Wayne Nasby, COO of Tikva and a 35-year veteran of the pharmaceutical and biotech industries. 

In a recent interview, Nasby opened up about his own journey to realizing the medicinal qualities of CBD and the ways it improves the quality of life for countless people — much in line with the mission of Tikva. "I didn't see an opportunity for cannabis beyond recreational use," admits Nasby. When Jerry Katz took Wayne to a pediatric cancer research lab at UCLA, he was astonished to see the findings up close. 

"We walked through glass doors and into a huge lab where I saw with my own eyes the doctors and scientists at work. I became convinced cannabis has significant health benefits through [the study of] oncology." After talking to his wife, Nasby determined he could make a real difference in the health and wellness space if he partnered with Tikva. His extensive experience in big pharma proved useful in navigating the pitfalls of creating pharmaceutical-grade CBD products. 

The FDA has yet to get on board, and the perception of medical cannabis in the pharmaceutical industry remains nebulous. "I'm perceived as a drug dealer," Nasby says about meetings with big pharma brass in the U.S. "When Pfizer gets in the game, that will legitimize it." The company's vision for the future is to have all the structure, partnerships, and commercialization in place so "when the FDA flips the switch," on pharmaceutical-grade CBD products, as Nasby puts it, Tikva will be ready. This means the company can educate, enhance, and expand into markets such as treating veterans who experience PTSD and offering alternative treatment for often habit-forming opioid painkillers. 

Till then, a visit to the Tikva website — where you can purchase any number of tinctures, creams, oils, tablets, and even CBD bath bombs — shows the brainchild behind the company is hard at work. Innovation and sticking to their roots are the drivers of that hard work. As Jerry Katz says: "When we see each product, we're reminded of the hope my father had as he looked to the future." And the future is bright for Tikva.