Funniest 11 LGBTQ+ TikToks to Watch This Week

by Jason St. Amand

National News Editor

Sunday February 6, 2022
Originally published on January 20, 2022

Funniest 11 LGBTQ+ TikToks to Watch This Week
  (Source:Screenshot via TikTok/@brandonandrichie)

Check out 11 of our favorite TikToks from LGBTQ+ creators this week!

@closetvomit i'll literally send 5 dollars to the first person who can spot every le$bean stereotype in this post #queerhousecheck #apartmenttour #lesbiansoftiktok?????????? ? original sound - fun size bitch


hate crimed at work storytime ? original sound - clown face

@possiblychristina #lgbt ? Everyone who uses this is gay - Flop era arrived

@kingofnothing21 You didnt see that #gay #fyp #joke #comedy #foryoupage ? HOW R PPL STILL SEEING THIS VIDEO - ???????????why are u here

@milarianne had to make it an even 6 ???????????? #fyp ? original sound - gracie

@madonna This song gives me ????????????????????????????????????. #rayoflight ? original sound - madonna


throwback to summer ? original sound - Haris

@thetiziano we vibe tho #gay #gaytok ? So Hot You're Hurting My Feelings - Caroline Polachek

@shakeofmilk #gay #lgbt #fyp ? original sound - ranvision

@brandonandrichie We love a coordinated couples' fit. ??????????????????????#boyfriends #gay #fittok #outfit ? original sound - Billykiss


? Dont Be Ridiculous - The Ladies of Hollywood ????