Watch: Foxes, Bats and Eagles: TikToker Suggests New Queer Stereotypes

Tuesday August 31, 2021
Originally published on August 30, 2021

Watch: Foxes, Bats and Eagles: TikToker Suggests New Queer Stereotypes
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A TikToker named Greg (@coffeegreg) took to the social media platform to suggest a new group of queer stereotypes based on animals.

"Attention all gays, new stereotypes have just been released," says the bearded Greg. "You've heard of bears, cubs and otters here are this year's new labels."


new gay stereotypes just dropped ? original sound - coffeegreg

He began with a lesser-known creature — a Stoat, which he describes as "a small and stinky gay." A Newt, he writes, "looks fun and cute but can be toxic."

He continues: "Eagle: an old wise gay who could tear you apart if he wanted to. Turtle has a thick shell until you get them out of their shell and they die. Groundhog: coming out as the most interesting thing they'll ever do."

A Bat is always "hanging out in a big group of people who look identical to them It's blamed for all the community's problems."

A Dolphin is labeled with one word: "Slut."

A Meerkat is "an anxious, sassy gay who's always looking around at everyone else instead of paying attention to conversation."

And lastly, a Fox: "the twinks are tired of being called slang for a British prostitute, so we're just getting give them an animal so twinks are Foxes now, so let's just get on board with that.

He encouraged readers to respond to him as to which new label they are and to tag their friends with his post.