EDGE Rewind: Out Actor Lee Pace Confirms He's Married to Matthew Foley

by Kilian Melloy

EDGE Staff Reporter

Monday January 30, 2023
Originally published on August 18, 2022

Lee Pace
Lee Pace  (Source:Instagram / @leeepfrog)

EDGE is reaching into its archive and sharing some of our favorite stories from the past.

Rumors have circulated for nearly a year that out actor Lee Pace had married his boyfriend, Matthew Foley. Now Pace, 43, has confirmed that yes, the two have wed.

"The 'Bodies Bodies Bodies' actor confirmed in an interview with GQ Hype that he is married to Matthew Foley," People Magazine recounted, adding that Pace said "he was set up with the Thom Browne exec through a mutual friend several years ago."

Pace recalled in the interview that he "said to my friend, Nick, 'You know a lot of people, who do you have for me?' And it luckily has worked out."

Pace also gave his prescription for a successful relationship, saying that marriage "was once described to me as an endless sleepover with your weirdest friend."

"In our experience, that is absolutely true," the "Guardians of the Galaxy" star said. "If you've found one person you can be weird around, hold on tight."

His nuptials haven't stopped Pace from continuing to share thirst traps on Instagram. But that's for show; Pace has now "settled into a marriage" and that he "wears a slim band on his ring finger," GQ Hype noted.

It was a ring spotted on Pace's finger at the Met Gala last September that sparked the marriage rumors in the first place. Now that love and marriage are confirmed, you can guess the next phase: Pace told GQ Hype that he and Foley are thinking about fatherhood.

"I think there's nothing better than little kids running around," the 6'5" actor said.

In addition to "Bodies Bodies Bodies," Pace has recently finished work on the second season of the Apple TV+ adaptation of Isaac Asimov's "Foundation" novels. Pace plays the emperor of a galaxy-spanning political entity. It's a singular role, but also a multiple one, since the position of emperor is filled by a series of clones. Pace's striking physicality makes his character a standout even among the trio of clones (one young, one old, and one in the middle, whom Pace plays) who share the position of power.

Pace added to his Instagram thirst trap collection with a batch of photos from the GQ Hype interview. Check out the photos below.

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