My Chemical Romance Selling Merch with Gay Porn Star's Butt and Iconic Tattoo

Wednesday May 18, 2022

My Chemical Romance in their music video for "Welcome to the Black Parade."
My Chemical Romance in their music video for "Welcome to the Black Parade."  (Source:YouTube screenshot)

My Chemical Romance recently shared their first song in eight years — "The Foundations of Decay" — ahead of their reunion tour, which is now underway in Europe (the rock band's North American leg starts in August). Fans attending the show will also get to purchase the group's new merchandise, which includes an eye-popping piece of clothing.

The Sword (NSFW) reported that My Chemical Romance collaborated with former gay porn star Mickey Taylor for a graphic (pun intended) T-shirt that features his butt (in underwear) and his iconic MCR tattoo on his lower back.

Taking to Twitter, Taylor confirmed the collaboration, saying he had a "blast" making the shirt and that it was the band's team who reached out to him with the idea.

Speaking with the website, Taylor revealed he got the MCR tattoo when he was 18 and living with a friend in a hostel. That friend tattooed the logo on his lower back despite never having a tattoo before.

"This was my peak fandom mixed with my rebellious who-gives-a-fuck phase," he said. "[In] hindsight I shouldn't have got a friend to do it, haha. Seems reckless now but still zero regrets. But don't get home tattoos. Ever!"

He went on to say taking photos for the shirt "has been a pleasure."

"I had no idea when [the shirts] would drop or if, but it happened and I found out through Twitter which was WILD! The hilarious and also super friendly comments have been incredible and it's made the whole situation even more bizarre and fever dream-ish haha. None of it feels quite real," Taylor added.