Adult Male Daddy Gets Props from Real Dad

Wednesday June 22, 2022

Drew Valentino and his dad
Drew Valentino and his dad  (Source:Instagram)

With the continual stigma surrounding sex work, some may wonder whether porn stars feel comfortable telling their friends and family what their job is.

When faced with the decision, adult male actor Drew Valentino decided to open up to his family about his career in adult male videos as an exclusive model for Falcon | NakedSword.

"Earlier this year I decided to come out to my family ....again," he wrote on Instagram, "although this time about being in the adult movie industry."

"HUGE relief to find that my entire family supportive and even excited for me," he said in the post.

Still, he wasn't quite prepared when he visited home for Father's Day this past weekend and his dad greeted him with a special T-shirt. "I flew home for Father Day's and my dad was wearing this shirt."

Next to him is his dad wearing a powder blue tee that reads: "Proud Parent of a Porn Star."

Valentino posted the pic on Twitter, and many showed their support.

Valentino's Father's Day weekend also contained some unexpected analogies.

"#happyfathersday" he added.

Check out pics from Valentino's IG: