Watch: Queer Influencers Johnny Sibilly, Kevin McHale & Ira Madison Talk Grindr Etiquette

Monday January 17, 2022
Originally published on January 14, 2022

In our growing uncivil times, podcast hostIra Madison III,former boy band member and "Glee"actorKevin McHale, and"Hacks"actorJohnny Sibilly decided to bring some etiquette discipline to Grindr, which, they explain in a funny video posted to the Mistr YouTube channel, sorely needs it.

"Yes, we're functioning society but the current state of the apps is horrendous and we are here to clean it up," says the take-charge Silbilly.

The three proceed to discuss all things Grindr, from what to say in a greeting to how to deal with a sow-to-exit hookup, as well as what not to do. But perhaps the headline-grabbing item came from Silbilly, who made quite a splash of the HBO Max hit "Hacks," was asked to give himself a Yelp review, and he said, "Best throat in NYC." While Kevin says that his would say, "OMG he tops!"

In terms of greetings, McHale says "I do a little hello how are you." Then confessed, "I am usually on Grindr when I'm drunk."

One behavior he doesn't like is being told to wait. "It is just like. when you text someone after a certain time of night like don't respond to my message (plans to hook up the) next day. Oh, sorry, I was telling you that because if it was 3 a.m., and I was in like a different state I'm not in that state at noon."

In terms of non-responding, they all agreed it was fine.

"I think that no response is a response," says McHale.

Silbilly added: "Back in the day my Grindr headline used to be don't worry if I'm not responding to you someone's not responding to me too. So you know we all have been there."

Madison, something of a clumsy newbie to the app, confessed to giving hook-ups ride homes and often made friends on the app.

"'Friends' is streaming on Netflix," quipped McHale.

Madison also explained his love of travel (for hook-ups, that is.) "So you know, I spent years always hosting. But the problem is that people don't leave and then I realized that like, I didn't host one time and I traveled I was like, this is magical bye. I'm gonna go now. I'm going to relieve you of the pressure of having to entertain me."

Silbilly adds that he has no problem asking someone to leave. "I don't have a problem telling someone to get out of my house. I'm like one of those people that when friends are over, I'm like, all right ..."

Asked what three things every hook-up should add, Silbilly says: "Your bed should be off the floor. I feel everyone should have lube and poppers as well."

"I travel with mine," McHale adds. "It's like a gift basket because you know that's true you never know some of these girls."