'I Am Doing My Magic Down Here!' One Man's Embarrassing 'Emily in Paris' Blow Job Story

Sunday January 9, 2022
Originally published on January 4, 2022

There's little doubt that "Emily in Paris" has a gay following, but who knew it had a closeted gay following.


emily in paris storytime ? original sound - clown face

A NYC man shared a hilarious story on TikTok of a hook-up with another man whom he met on a hook-up app a year ago. On his TikTok, the man — named clownfacebinch — explained how because his date was hot and he was a "slut," it was a "match made in heaven."

But complications ensued when the man told clownfacebinch (cfb) that he didn't want him to come to his apartment until after his roommates went to bed because, he explained, "they don't know I'm gay. And this would be really hard to explain to them. I just don't want them to know."

When cfb arrived 40 minutes later he was told not to say a word and was ushered to the man's bedroom where an episode from the first season of "Emily in Paris" was playing on the tube. Acknowledging it, the man asks cfb if he's watched it yet.

"And I go,' No, I haven't yet and he goes, "Oh my god. I love it. This is my second time watching it."

"Really?" cfb wondered. "Second time watching it? It just came out and it looks like you're halfway through the first season."

When they start to have sex, the date turns up the TV volume to drown out their passion. "So he blasts 'Emily in Paris' and I think to myself: "Honestly, it is probably more gay to your roommates to hear 'Emily in Paris' blasting in your room the middle of the night than hearing me go down on you. You know what I mean? It is discreet with a belly ring kind-of vibe."

Them while doing his magic, cfb looked up and realized his date wasn't watching him. "He's not even paying attention to the work that I'm putting in on him. He's fully just watching 'Emily in Paris 'as he receives."

"It was so embarrassing. I was like, You're not even gonna look at the work that I'm doing? This is your second time watching 'Emily in Paris.' The second time and you would rather watch that than me?"

"It was down bad, girl," he concluded. Adding insult to injury, the date asked when they were done with sex if cfb wanted to watch more of the episode. "And I was like, NO! FUCK 'Emily in Paris!"

He concluded by saying that he will never watch the show because of "that horrible, humiliating moment I had where someone would rather watch that than me work my magic. Fuck you Netflix!"