Jeremy O. Harris Recounts Adele Leaving His Play Before it Started

by Emell Adolphus

EDGE Media Network Contributor

Wednesday October 20, 2021

Jeremy O. Harris
Jeremy O. Harris  (Source:Instagram / @jeremyoharris)

In celebration of Adele releases new music, Tony Award-nominated playwright Jeremy O. Harris decided to share a long story about how the "Easy On Me" singer showed up to his play "Daddy" and left before it even started.

Posting what happened in a series of tweets, Harris shed light on how complicated it can be to be a superstar who just wants to enjoy a little theater.

Harris began his 14-tweet thread with: "STORYTIME: I need y'all to know as we continue to stream #EasyOnMe that the week of Adele and JLaw's infamous gay clurb Hen weekend I got a call from my agent to tell me that Adele needed 6 tickets THAT NIGHT to see a performance of my play Daddy: a melodrama."

Long story short, Adele reportedly left because she didn't feel well and found the smell of chlorine (a pool is a central element in the play) not so easy on her. So she left.

The long version of the story is below in Harris' tweeted words.