Young Gay Boy Pens Emotional Letter to Santa, Internet Melts

by Kilian Melloy

EDGE Staff Reporter

Saturday November 28, 2020

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A moving letter from a young boy named Will asked Santa if God still loves him even though he's gay. The letter has gone viral and is pulling heartstrings all across the internet, UK newspaper the Daily Mail reports.

"Dear Santa," the handwritten note reads, "Do you supprot [sic] the lgbtQ community [sic] and if you can speak to god can you tell Him I love Him, and if He loves me for being gay."

The boy sent the letter to the North Pole, and it ended up going to the United States Post Office's annual "Operation Santa" program.

"USPS Operation Santa takes letters mailed to Santa and shares them online, allowing individuals and organizations to 'adopt' them and fulfill Christmas wishes — which could be for anything from toys to basic necessities," the Daily Mail explains.

Will's letter was posted online with other letters to Santa. Nancy Cruz-Garcia spotted the plaintive note at the Operation Santa website and shared it on Twitter, posting that the note "broke my heart."

The post included an image of the letter, which struck a chord among social media users and prompted an outpouring of emotional messages of support. Some Twitter users shared their best wishes for Will, while others lauded his courage in speaking out.

"I wish I knew that when I was Will's age," one person wrote.

Others expressed concern for the child's well-being. "That is the most heartbreaking thing," one person posted. "And the worst part is that if this kid is asking this, then there is a huge chance they might not be receiving the love they need."


Among the responses were unequivocal assurances that both God and Santa love LGBTQ children. "Period. No asterisks," one person declared. "Just love."

"Operation Santa is in its 108th year, and has gone digital to adapt to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic," the Daily Mail noted. "Starting December 4, people can adopt specific letters to send gifts and fulfill wishes for the children who wrote them."

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