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#WorkPerk For Young Professionals: Traveling

Wednesday Jun 27, 2018

Seventy-five percent of young professionals in the U.S. see business travel as a major work perk, with 65 percent considering it a status symbol, according to a recent survey commissioned by Hilton Hotels & Resorts. Hilton's flagship brand today launches a new initiative to help the next generation of professionals make the most out of their work trips and navigate travel misconceptions. This effort will include partnering with relevant business travel experts, introducing an engaging social content series and hosting a new business traveler "boot camp" in the fall.

"With more than 575 hotels worldwide and nearly 100 years in hospitality, Hilton Hotels & Resorts has long served as a leader in and destination for business travelers," said Stuart Foster, vice president, global brand marketing, Hilton. "Our focus on the next generation of business travelers underscores our commitment to being the most hospitable company in the world: we're both creating and evolving exceptional experiences for new and loyal guests alike who choose Hilton for their work travel needs."

The survey of business travelers ages 23-35 revealed overwhelmingly positive feelings towards traveling for work:

Time to Travel: More than half of respondents (56 percent) say that they create reasons to travel for business.

Career Deal Breaker: Thirty-nine percent go so far as to say they wouldn't take a job that didn't allow them to travel for business.

Real Life Relationships: Eighty-one percent say they get more done while meeting face-to-face and 75 percent have made friends while traveling for work.

Findings also illuminated sources of tension and challenges for today's new business travelers:

Road Warrior Weight: Sixty-five percent admit that they regularly pack workout gear, but end up not using it; 44 percent have gained weight due to traveling for business.

'Charge It' Confusion: Forty-three percent often misunderstand what can be expensed and end up owing their company money.

Sunday Scaries: Thirty-eight percent start to feel stressed and can't enjoy the weekend when anticipating business travel the next week.

Wardrobe Woes: Thirty-six percent are stressed by trying to pack the right clothes for any situation.

Bleisure Stress: Sixty-nine percent wish they could extend their trip for leisure, but 46 percent admit they feel guilty about doing so -- 44 percent even worry it makes them look bad in the eyes of senior leadership.

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