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Going Out, Homing's In Jan. 21-28, 2022

By Jim Provenzano | Thursday Jan 20, 2022
This is your arts and nightlife captain; please stand by as we navigate through abrupt closings, postponements — and even a few openings— around the Bay Area this week.

Lady Camden: former Smuin Ballet dancer on 'RuPaul's Drag Race'

By Philip Mayard | Tuesday Jan 18, 2022
When Lady Camden sashayed into the spotlight for the first time on RuPaul's Drag Race in the Season 14 premiere, proudly proclaiming, "Hello, you sexy bitches!," drag aficionados got to meet one of Northern California's most uniquely talented queens.

Musical moments: 'The Band's Visit' and 'Freestyle Love Supreme'

By Jim Gladstone | Tuesday Jan 18, 2022
San Francisco stages are now hosting two of the more unorthodox musicals to hit big on Broadway in recent years, one subtle and poetic ("The Band's Visit"), the other boisterous and participatory ("Freestyle Love Supreme").

'The Gilded Age' - Julian Fellowes' new New York

By Brian Bromberger | Tuesday Jan 18, 2022
Julian Fellowes debuts his new long-awaited period drama series 'The Gilded Age' on HBO, a tale of an emerging new world at the height of New York City's industrial age, and the often merciless society members who ruled and invaded it, or tried to.

Latinx love: Edgar Gomez' 'High-Risk Homosexual'

By Jim Piechota | Tuesday Jan 18, 2022
In his outstanding new coming-of-age memoir, Florida-born queer Latinx author Edgar Gomez navigates a modest 13-year-old adolescence dominated by poverty and cultural machismo.

Going Out, Homing's In, Jan. 14-22, 2022

By Jim Provenzano | Thursday Jan 13, 2022
Oh my gosh, Omicron! We're keeping up to date on closings, postponements and persistent performances in arts and nightlife.

Arts update: plays, comedy fest postponed; Chorus' center funding

By Jim Provenzano | Wednesday Jan 12, 2022
It's one step forward and two steps back in the local arts scene as theater companies close their doors yet again, a comedy festival is postponed, and the San Francisco Gay Men's Chorus gets funding from Amazon.

James Magruder: playwright's new novel, 'Vamp Until Ready'

By Gregg Shapiro | Tuesday Jan 11, 2022
James Magruder is a funny guy. His wonderfully wicked sense of humor comes through in his plays, and in his new novel, "Vamp Until Ready."

Circus Boy: acrobatic gay parenting documentary

By David-Elijah Nahmod | Tuesday Jan 11, 2022
At a mere 52 minutes, Lester Alfonso's new documentary 'Circus Boy' is short and sweet. There are many lovely moments in the film, yet Alfonso's work also leaves many unanswered questions.

Matthew Aucoin on 'The Impossible Art: Adventures in Opera'

By Timothy Pfaff | Thursday Jan 6, 2022
Matthew Aucoin's new book, "The Impossible Art: Adventures in Opera," focuses on opera's mysteries, the alchemy of opposites that fires it, and, perhaps most surprising of all, its unique and lasting power.

B.A.R. Talks 9: Drag through Bay Area history

By Jim Provenzano | Wednesday Jan 5, 2022
Our January 13 B.A.R. Talks panel focuses on drag and its local history, with guests Heklina, Fudgie Frottage, Khmera Rouge, Mercedez Munro, Persia, and Sister Tilda Nextime.

'Cicada' - love takes wing

By Gregg Shapiro | Wednesday Jan 5, 2022
When a film opens with the tagline "Based on true events," it's an attention-grabbing move. Writer/co-director/actor Matt Fifer takes that step with his full-length feature debut 'Cicada,' with additional story by his co-star Sheldon D. Brown.

Betty White: a TV legend remembered

By Brian Bromberger | Wednesday Jan 5, 2022
Betty White was the last major cast survivor of two television programs in which she gave iconic comic Emmy award-winning performances. But White's career was much more than two hit sitcoms.

Q-Music: Lesbians lead the way

By Gregg Shapiro | Wednesday Jan 5, 2022
Queer women are making big sound waves in music, including Amythyst Kiah, Jennifer O'Connor, Brandy Clark, Lilli Lewis, Lady Blackbird, Ana Egge, Torres, and Rosie Tucker. Enjoy our latest round-up, with a music clip of each artist.

'Better' than ever: author Philip Dean Walker

By Gregg Shapiro | Wednesday Jan 5, 2022
Washington, D.C.-based gay writer Philip Dean Walker's third book contains six short stories consisting of fictionalized situations involving characters whose names will be familiar to many readers.

'Solid Ivory: Memoirs' - gay filmmaker James Ivory's career told

By Brian Bromberger | Thursday Dec 30, 2021
Prolific gay film director James Ivory's candid, urbane, and meandering book is a pastiche scrapbook of letters, diary entries, travelogue, magazine articles, sketches of famous show business personalities, and reflections on his childhood.

Going Out, Homing's In, Dec. 31, 2021-Jan. 7, 2022

By Jim Provenzano | Wednesday Dec 29, 2021
Openings, closings, cancellations, variants and vaccinations have induced precautionary postponements of some events, so check and recheck before going out, or just stay in and watch movies, dance concerts or music shows online.

Some Castro & SoMa bars temporarily close

By Jim Provenzano | Tuesday Dec 28, 2021
New Year's Eve celebrations in the Castro and South of Market districts will have fewer indoor options as nearly half a dozen bars and restaurants have temporarily closed out of pandemic health concerns.

Sharon Gless: 'Queer as Folk' and 'Cagney & Lacy' star on her new memoir

By Gregg Shapiro | Tuesday Dec 28, 2021
Multiple Emmy Award-winning actress Sharon Gless shares highlights and low times in her new memoir, "Apparently There Were Complaints."

The Lavender Tube's best of 2021

By Victoria A. Brownworth | Tuesday Dec 28, 2021
Here are what we thought were the best TV series featuring LGBTQ characters in primary roles, not as tacked on adjuncts to cis-het normativity. These series made queer, trans and nonbinary characters integral to their plots.

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