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John Wick

by Kevin Taft
EDGE Media Network Contributor
Monday Feb 9, 2015
John Wick

To say this is the best Keanu Reeves film since "The Matrix" is probably not saying a whole hell of a lot, but it's a film and genre that fits him perfectly. In "John Wick" he basically has to look good while kicking ass and shooting people.

There is minimal dialogue and thankfully so, because his lines consist of usually three words. But despite these points, "Wick" is a fairly exciting, slick piece of modern-noir filmmaking about an ex-hit man who comes out of retirement after Russian mobsters steal his car and kill his dog. That's it. The fact that this hit-man is nicknamed "The Boogeyman" because he's that good at sneaking up and killing you helps. Why? Because there's not much to the story beyond this.

It sounds like I'm complaining when, quite honestly, I was fully entertained. I especially enjoyed the hotel John checks into that is housed only by assassins who are currently on duty. They even have their own dance club, sauna, and sex club. Sounds like a fun place, except when people start getting shot up while in the buff. And Reeves certainly knows how to wield a gun and look hot doing it.

Special features include six mini-documentaries on the making of the film and the theatrical trailer. None of them are all that earth-shattering, but it's interesting to note how much of a personality Reeves has off-camera as opposed to on. There is also an audio commentary by the film's director and producer that does give a nice little film school lesson on how they did what they did -- particularly the film's distinct color palette and overall design.

"John Wick"
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