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Want to Declaw Your Cat? Not in New York

Want to Declaw Your Cat? Not in New York

By David Klepper | Jul 24
New York became the first U.S. state to ban the declawing of cats Monday, joining most of Europe, several Canadian provinces and a growing list of American cities

Your Pet on Pot? Not a Good Thing, a Pet Toxicologist Explains

Apr 22
The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals has reported a more than 700 percent increase in calls related to marijuana to its poison center in 2019.

Forget Kibbles, U.S. Sales of Fresh Pet Food are Soaring

By Dee-Ann Durbin | Apr 4
Kibbles for Fido? Nope. These days he's getting diced chicken with sweet potatoes and spinach.

Labrador Retriever Most 'Pup-ular' U.S. Dog for 28th Year

By Jennifer Peltz | Mar 21
Labrador retrievers aren't letting go of their hold on U.S. dog lovers, but German shorthaired pointers are tugging on the top ranks of doggy popularity.

Pets Have a Lot of New Year's Resolutions, Too

Jan 10
New Year's resolutions aren't just for humans anymore: 61 percent of pet owners have made a resolution for their dog or cat, according to new research.

Fitness Trackers Help Put Overweight Pets on a Diet

By Adam Pemble | Aug 23
A growing industry of gadgets for pets includes GPS trackers, automatic feeders, ball throwing machines for dogs to fetch, and self-cleaning litter boxes for cats.

Air-Conditioned Pet Huts Placed at NY Travel Plazas

Aug 10
Pet owners traveling the New York State Thruway now have a cool option for their dogs when taking a break from driving: climate-controlled, temporary shelters.

Canine Couture for Pampered Pooches

By Colleen Barry | Jan 19
Milan has long been the world's ready-to-wear fashion leader. Now, dogs are getting in on the Italian city's sartorial scene with a new line of haute couture for canines.

Veterinarians Seek Permission to Research Pot Meds for Pets

By Andrew Selsky | Dec 9
People anxious to relieve suffering in their pets are increasingly turning to oils and powders that contain CBDs, a non-psychoactive component of marijuana. But there's little data on whether they work, or if they have harmful side effects.

The Ultimate Mouth-Watering Dish: For Dogs

Nov 26
Chefs have created the ultimate mouth-watering dish - for dogs. While the dish looks good enough for humans to eat, the centerpiece is actually chunks of the company's lamb hotpot, cooked with vegetables and dog-friendly gravy.

1 thru 10 of 74 Stories