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Gary Numan :: Your Musical Introduction to the Apocalypse

By Michael Flanagan | Thursday Nov 16, 2017
Anyone who is a fan of is well aware of Gary Numan's forays into science fiction. From early in his career, the song "Down In The Park" (1979) envisioned a technological nightmarish future that included "rape machines."

On the Tab :: Nov. 16 - 23

Thursday Nov 16, 2017
How much fun can you fit in one week? In your pants? In your purse? In your long-johns? Find out with our abundant nightlife listings. We're packing.

Man Still in Hospital After Boyfriend's Death

By Seth Hemmelgarn | Thursday Nov 16, 2017
The man accused of killing his boyfriend in San Francisco's Hayes Valley remains in the hospital two weeks after his partner was found stabbed.

Riot act

By David Lamble | Wednesday Nov 15, 2017
The riveting new documentary "LA 92" arrives Friday in Bay Area theaters.

Fighting ignorance with science

By David Lamble | Wednesday Nov 15, 2017
The witty bio-doc "Bill Nye: The Science Guy" is a fast-paced dose of arguments aimed at climate-change deniers.

More tea dance tunes

By Gregg Shapiro | Wednesday Nov 15, 2017
After pulling off a retirement stunt that would make Cher blush, LCD Soundsystem returns with the illusory American Dream.

Bedeviled bargaining

By Richard Dodds | Wednesday Nov 15, 2017
"Deal with the Dragon" at first seems a variation on Faustian bargains.

Dahmer Dearest

By Erin Blackwell | Wednesday Nov 15, 2017
An intimate look at one of our greatest gay predators, "My Friend Dahmer" opens Friday at the Roxie Theater.

See-through 'Lulu'

By Tim Pfaff | Wednesday Nov 15, 2017
It often has been said that Berg's Lulu was asking for it.

Happily ever after - kinda, sorta

By Richard Dodds | Wednesday Nov 15, 2017
In "Le Switch," the thirtysomething David is a professor of library sciences who thinks of himself as a queer outlier.

1 thru 10 of 30958