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NY Man Shares 'Read Receipts' Text After Tinder Date, Goes Viral on Twitter

Thursday Aug 15, 2019
Eric Dimitratos
Eric Dimitratos  (Source:Instagram / @ericd14)

A New York man recently shared a text exchange he had with a man he met on Tinder and went out on a date. Their conversation is currently going viral on Twitter with some calling it a "horror film" and "true crime."

Eric Dimitratos, 33, who works for MTV, took to Twitter Wednesday and shared a screen capture of a text exchange he had with someone who he went out on a first date with. Adding his own message to the pic, Dimitratos wrote, "*Goes on first date, scared he'll ghost but instead gets this text.*"

His screenshot shows the man he went on a date with asking Dimitratos for a "favor."

"Yeah, what do you need?" Dimitratos asks.

"Click on my contact. Press the 'I' then turn on read receipts," the man responds.

"What!?!" Dimitratos replies.

In less than 24 hours, Dimitratos's tweet went viral. As of this writing, it has earned 16,500 likes and over 1,400 retweets. It's also sparked over 1,000 replies.

Dimitratos's date suggests that he turn on read receipts, which allows him to know whether or not Dimitratos read his texts to him.

This isn't the first date-related tweet of his to go viral. Back in April, Dimitratos fired off the following tweet that earned nearly 13,000 likes.

Find some of the best responses to Dimitratos's latest tweet below.


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