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Siberia And Him

by Roger Walker-Dack
EDGE Media Network Contributor
Thursday Oct 24, 2019
'Siberia And Him'
'Siberia And Him'  

There cannot possibly be a more desolate place to live on Earth than in the vast plains of Siberia, where the few residents miserably eke out a living and pray there is no return to war.  When, in "Siberia and Him," Sasha's grandmother fails to answer her phone for days, the family sends him off on the long journey that will take days, and which he will need to undertake on foot and horseback when the roads run out.

His brother-in-law Dima, a local policeman, is sent with him, which turns out not to be the wisest of ideas, as the two men have been having a secret affair for some time. Throwing them together like this is tantamount to creating a very volatile situation.

It's fairly obvious that in this ultra-traditional backwater the two men have very little or no chance of making any sort of relationship work, but that still doesn't prepare you for the shocking ending that writer/director Viatcheslav Kopturevskiy springs in this excellent, heart-wrenching drama.

Roger Walker-Dack, a passionate cinephile, is a freelance writer, critic and broadcaster and the author/editor of three blogs. He divides his time between Miami Beach and Provincetown.


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