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Season Of The Witch

by Ken Tasho
EDGE Media Network Contributor
Tuesday Mar 13, 2018
Season Of The Witch

One of acclaimed horror director George A. Romero's earliest works comes out on Blu-ray for the first time, in a Special Edition disc featuring a crisp 4K scan restoration. "Season of the Witch" may not be one of Romero's better-known titles. One of his follow-ups to the hugely successful "Night of the Living Dead," this movie saw the famed director dealing with witchcraft instead of zombies.

Long before "Halloween III" used it as its subtitle, "Season of the Witch" was George Romero's return to the horror genre after a few years away. It's a hard film to categorize, and from the get-go, Romero uses lots of close-ups and bizarre camera angles to get his point across. And that point was that several housewives were bored and fed up in the early '70s, which leads Joan (Jan White) to delve into witchcraft after a neighbor introduces her to the practice.

It isn't long before Joan starts conjuring men to fall at her feet, including a man whom she scorned several times in the past. Featuring dazzling color instead of black and white this time around, "Season of the Witch" is one of Romero's oddest films, but it's oh so enjoyable to watch in a most '70s kitschy way.

Not only is the original 90-minute theatrical edition available to watch (the much-preferred version), Arrow includes the alternate extended version which clocks in at 104 minutes. The 14 minutes of extra footage gets presented in standard definition, making this extended cut a bit inconsistent.

A brief interview with actress Jan White gets archived from the Anchor Bay DVD release from a few years back. She talks about "Season of the Witch" and why she quit acting after only a few years in the business. And a brand new featurette called "When Romero Met (Guillermo) Del Toro" shows the two popular directors as they interview each other in Romero's NYC apartment in 2016.

A limited edition poster and trailers featuring all three separate movie titles ("Hungry Wives," "Jack's Wife," and "Season of the Witch") only makes this Blu-ray set all the more enticing.

"Season of the Witch"

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