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Sex, Songs and Sequins: Big Mamma's House of Burlesque Takes Charlotte by Storm

By Maria Dominguez | Sunday Mar 19, 2017
Big Mamma's House of Burlesque has given the Charlotte entertainment scene a spice of sex and variety for over a decade. Now in the beginning of its 11th season, the troupe is made up of acts much more unique than a simple striptease show.

Philanthropic Family Gifts TOY $1.5 Million for Youth Shelter

By Maria Dominguez | Saturday Mar 18, 2017
Time Out Youth Center (TOY) has received the most generous donation of its lifetime as Sarah Belk Gambrell (of Belk department stores fame) has announced that her Gambrell Family Foundation will give $1.5 million to the organization.

NC Hate Crime Bill Introduced

By Maria Dominguez | Sunday Mar 12, 2017
A bill introduced in the North Carolina General Assembly (NCGA) would expand state hate crime statutes to include crimes against individuals based on sexual orientation, gender, gender identity and disability.

Singer Trey Pearson Talks Coming Out As a Gay Christian Musician

By Jeff Taylor | Sunday Mar 5, 2017
Trey Pearson found success at a young age, signing a contract with Christian label Flicker Records, based in Tennessee, after just one year of college. Coming out as gay shook up his career - but freed him as an artist and a person.

Transgender People of Color Suffer Worse Abuse, Harassment and Violence, but You Can Help

By Jeff Taylor | Sunday Mar 5, 2017
Due to the intersection of racism and transphobia, transgender people of color experience increased hardships, often struggling to remain safe, employed and in adequate housing due to rampant discrimination.

HUD Policies Updated to Protect LGBTQ People; Will It Last?

By Jeff Taylor | Sunday Mar 5, 2017
Life as an LGBTQ person experiencing homelessness or housing insecurity, always a difficult scenario, might get that much harder.

Time Out Youth's New Facilities May Enable a Youth Shelter

By Maria Dominguez | Saturday Mar 4, 2017
Long one of the most proactive of Charlotte's LGBTQ nonprofits, Time Out Youth Center (TOY) is currently remodeling their newly-purchased facilities at 3800 Monroe Rd. in east Charlotte, N.C.

Questions of Police Misconduct, Tragedy and Lack of Closure in Case of Unsolved Trans Murder

By Maria Dominguez | Saturday Mar 4, 2017
The unsolved murder of Franklin Freeman, who performed drag as Aretha Scott, was suspected to involve the police. Freeman died just five days before he was scheduled to testify against a police department member.

2017 Already Looks to be a Disaster for LGBTQ Rights

By Jeff Taylor | Saturday Feb 18, 2017
The battle for LGBTQ rights in 2016 was a long, hard slog, with North Carolina at the center of the fight, after the passage of House Bill 2. However, 2017 looks to be even worse.

Kinky and Queer: BDSM in the LGBTQ Community

By Maria Dominguez | Sunday Feb 12, 2017
In the age of sexual liberation, LGBTQ people still fight for acceptance. But even within the community, there is a repressed subculture: Queer kinksters.

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